Jörg Rupert

02.05.23 – 31.05.23
Partner: Villa Paula Klatovy/Klenovà, Czech Republik

In addition to drawings and photographs, his artistic work consists mainly of videos, short films, and texts in which found footage and self-created, staged, or filmed material is combined or animated. Rupert Jörg collects and films countless stills, individual scenes, and fragments from social media, which he later assembles into film and photo collages. In terms of content, he deals with the changing media and their effects, manipulation, radicalism, power imbalances, propaganda, conspiracy myths, appropriation, and the question of authorship.

The collaboration with children and young people from his video workshops in (extra) curricular programs feeds into many of his projects.

In his drawings, he uses a naive aesthetic to sketch out media and political processes that are otherwise difficult to visualize, as well as childhood memories and presents them in a narrative form.

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