Polina Shcherbyna (UA)

02.05.23 – 30.05.23

Polina Shcherbyna graduated in 2018 from the National Academy of Fine Arts and of Architecture in Kyiv. She studied at the workshop of monumental painting and temple culture named after M.A. Storozhenka.

In her visual practice Polina Shcherbyna works with the expansion of the concept and perception of painting, which she positions as an object. She creates double-sided works that grow into installations that sometimes include sound as an additional element of the spatial-auditory perception of the work. Works that Polina creates on wooden boards by drawing, carving and burning, are allusions to icon painting. The artist interprets double-sided works as a double view of the world of the Anthropocene. On the one hand they are filled with horror and powerlessness before the dark side of humanity, but at the same time they are filled with faith in the future. 

Since spring 2022 Polina explores corporeality in nature and reveals it through the form of a tree, reflecting on war and the figure of human in the circle of anthropological questions, and also draws our attention towards dark ecology.

Partner: IZOLYATSIA, Kiew, Ukraine

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