Camille Tsvetoukhine

03.05.23 – 30.05.23

Camille Tsvetoukhine (1987) is an artist based in Paris. She is graduate from the School of Fines Arts, Angers (Fr) and HEAD Geneva (Ch). She participated in group exhibitions at the Galerie Interface (Dijon), La Générale (Sèvres), Zoo Galerie (Nantes), Biennale de Belleville (Paris), Gallery Luis Adelantado (Valencia), Forde (Geneva).

In her work she projects the image of life as a theatrical performance and creates micro-fictions that resemble daydreams. Inspired by popular culture as much as anthropology, cinema, art history, cooking or falconry, these pieces are filled with references, sometimes hidden in small details. She develops innovating narrative gestures, which fully incorporate the creative process. Attached to a DIY aesthetic, she makes all the accessories, sets and costumes herself. It is understood that the artist likes to play with the visual codes and symbols. Tsvetoukhine develops a definitely fun & pop universe, where exaggeration, superficiality and artificiality are put forward.

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