Šimon Sýkora

03.04.24 – 30.04.24
Partner: Villa Paula, Klenová, Czech Republik

In his works, Czech artist Šimon Sýkora, born in 1990, explores the feeling of loneliness and disconnectedness in a world where there is often reason to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. His paintings convey the experience of living on the margins and between places. They often show scenes from rural areas, suburbs and transit zones and evoke a sense of not belonging and uprootedness. Lingering between reality and fiction, the banal and the magical, his paintings hint at a secret to re-enchanting the world.

Šimon Sýkora graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague in 2019. He participated in the study programs of Unarte Bucharest (2016) and TNUA Taipei (2018). After graduation he did work internship at Sophie Tappeiner Gallery in Vienna. He lives and works in Prague and Pilsen. 

Recent solo exhibitions include:
2023 ´Strain´, Sandwich Gallery, Bucharest,
´Outskirts´, Polansky Gallery, Prague, 2022
Rotting Home, Gallery SPZ, Prague, Liste Art Fair Basel, featuring Siggi Sekira, Basel, 2022, ´Wasteland ́ at GASK, Kutná Hora, 2021, ´Turning Stranger ́ Polansky Gallery, Brno, 2020 ‘Savage Season‘ at Medium Gallery, Bratislava, with Phillip Kolychev, 2020, ‘Logic of Nausea’ with at Gallery Jelení, Prague 2020.

Recent group exhibitions include:
Project Space // Kane le Bain, London, UK, 2023, Everything but the Lie, Klenová Castle and Chateau, CZ, Kingdom of Hex, MeetFactory, Prague, 2023, Fragile Phantome, Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill, Graz, 2022, GEISTERPOP/ULATION, Kunstverein Eisenstadt, 2022,ZONE1, Viennacontemporary, Vienna, 2022, ´Crooked Timber ́, DRIVE-IN / DRIVE-THRU, Vienna, 2021, “Misleading projectiles” at U10, Beograd, 2021.

Picture (c) Šimon Sýkora

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