Work-in-progress presentation of the A-i-R Development Group 2023

A-i-R Program
Pippa Brabyn, Marion Flanagan, Rosie Dahlstrom, Dedeia Rocha (f.l.t.r)
Pippa Brabyn, Marion Flanagan, Rosie Dahlstrom, Dedeia Rocha (f.l.t.r)

On Sunday, 27th August 2023, the A-i-R Development Group 2023, consisting of artists Pippa Brabyn (England), Rosie Dahlstrom (Scotland), Marion Flanagan (Canada) and Dedeia Rocha (Brazil), will present the current state of their artistic research from 15 - 17 h on the 1st floor of the Kebbel-Villa.. In a visual art exhibition entitled "Spirits of the Riverbank"  which includes collage, photography, drawing and painting, the cohort bring together an eclectic collection of new works made at the studios in the International Künstlerhaus since 15 August as a response to sights and sites of the Upper Palatinate.

Themes of the natural world abound in these new artworks, as the artists have found rich physical and visual stimuli from the surrounding locale. Bird skulls, soil from riverbanks of the Naab and encounters with local wildlife combine with existing interests: 19th century occult photography, witch confessions and the Northern Renaissance, accumulating and reframing waste, and human interactions with nature. Allowing spontaneous response to the existing confines of the foursome’s practices, the artists use this newly discovered source material to create unexpected narratives with these fresh encounters.

The four artists met in 2018 as post-graduate students at the Chelsea College of Arts in London. Undertaking an experimental and highly collaborative course, the group discovered imaginative responses to problems and new methods for meaningful peer support and material manipulation. Using this theoretical background, they continue to devise new strategies for Arist-in-Residence programs of the future as part of the A-i-R Development Group 2023.

Admission is free.

Die A-i-R Development Group

The A-i-R Development Group is a network of international artists exploring the possibilities of collaborating in meaningful and contemporary ways in the context of artist residencies. During their time together at the International Künstlerhaus, the group addresses the question of how a productive collaboration can be realised both on a practical and aesthetic level as well as in terms of its compatibility with the burning issues of the day.

The four artists have been privileged to use this residency period to develop their individual practices while formulating ideas of collective thought, creative reciprocity and potential methods of building together a sustainable and critically engaged long-term practice.

Learn more about the artists here:

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